Sky Foundation was established in Iasi – Romania to rescue stress and promote respect for animal life. Sky Foundation receives no government support , which makes it even more difficult task in a country where animal rights represent the last concern of the authorities . It is not just that the authorities are insensitive to animal welfare , but also they have always been hostile to the activities of the Foundation and it’s not once that it was punished instead of being supported .

“A landlord has the right to do what he wants with his animal ” is a phrase that became infamous was sent to us by a ” responsible” for the welfare of animals Iasi . 


Over out 9 years of activity, hundreds of animals were adopted through the Foundation and in their place, other animals in distress, have found relief and felt for the very first time that life can be enjoyable.

Sky Shelter Foundation is in the village Tiganasi and hosts permanently around 250 animals, dogs, cats, horses and donkeys. Besides them, the Foundation also offers assistance (food, treatments, surgeries sterilization or castration) for animals that are still living on the streets, the woods from the town’s outskirts, on the road to the shelter and very often in people’s yards,.

How can you help?

  • Make a donation;
  • By adopting an animal;
  • Become a sponsor/godparent.

Donate for animals!

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