Everyone talks about the sad fate of stray animals, dogs in general. Often, however, the lives of dogs that have families are much more cruel than those who do not, and that’s because the latter have at least the chance to seek their own food or a couch to sleep. In our villages, though people have access to information as well as those in the cities, one thing has not even been able to learn now that a dog is a living being endowed with feelings, fears, fears, needs . Most of them are linked from the first few weeks of life, behind the houses, with chains or incarnated wires as they grow, if they grow. I’ve seen people throwing a corn cob dog from his backyard from time to time and who think it’s too much for him. Caught cages or even improvised cots are not even a problem. In the images below, you can see some examples of martyred dogs who have never known the taste of a croquet or even a piece of bread in their lives, have not lived a day in which they have not been hungry, thirsty, fear or cold. Whoever is responsible for all these horrors and who will pay you one day for them is an unanswered question and it will be a long time from now on.


How can you support Sky Foundation:

  • By adopting an animal providing him a better life;
  • By long distance adoption if you do not have the posibility to bring in home a pet;

  • Helping with our daily maintenance activity at the shelter as a volunteer;
  • By redirecting the 2% of your tax income.

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