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Fundatia Sky

Sky Foundation was established in Iasi – Romania to rescue stress and promote respect for animal life. Sky Foundation receives no government support , which makes it even more difficult task in a country where animal rights represent the last concern of the authorities . It is not just that the authorities are insensitive to animal welfare , but also they have always been hostile to the activities of the Foundation and it’s not once that it was punished instead of being supported .
The Sky Foundation’s shelter is located in Tiganasi, and houses around 250 animals.





We help animals!

During our 9 years of existence, it was a real struggle to find good stewards for the shelter because they did not understand why a dog should be fed and cared for when he is sick , why it should have a shelter against the rain, snow , cold. It was so strange things for them!

Sterilization operations
Castration operations

The mobile clinic

Sadly, horses in Romania are still considered simple tools, the cheapest one on the market because they do not ask anything and they do not say anything either when they are put to work until the very last day of their lives . Very often we see on the highways carriages loaded with tons of iron drawn by mares too thin or pregnant( many of them gave birth on the road) , with hooves infected , with dislocated legs or with newborn babies beside them attached to the carriage.

What we offer?


Refugiul Fundatiei Sky se afla in com. Tiganasi,  si adaposteste in permanenta in jur de 250 de animale. Imediat ce unele dintre ele isi gasesc familii adoptive si parasesc refugiul, altele le iau locul si se bucura de toata atentia si ingrijirea noastra


De-a lungul celor 8 ani de activitate, sute de animale au fost adoptate prin intermediul Fundatiei iar in locul lor, alte animale aflate in suferinta, si-au gasit alinarea si au simtit pentru prima oara ca viata poate fi si placuta.


Va prezentam mai jos cateva fotografii in care puteti vedea clar diferenta dintre starea de sanatate a animalelor atunci cand ajung in refugiul nostru si cum aceasta se schimba la scurt timp dupa ce au fost preluate de catre noi.